Knowledge base – systematic collection of basic data, relating to a particular field of knowledge.
Knowledge base – This storage (periodically require additions and updates) ever obtained from a variety of sources of information (sometimes overlooked), with quick access to it and its recovery.
Unlike database, Knowledge Base located knowable information, in documents, books, articles, reports …

HomeWiki – home Knowledge Base

HomeWiki it:

  • convenient storage ideas, ideas, notes, favorite articles from the Internet, various help information
  • Programmer's Notepad (Students, the teacher, Housewives …)
  • cataloger of e-books, documents, images, with the ability to view the built-in or associated applications
  • HTML pages converter, ebooks fb2 and ePub, MS Word and Excel documents to PDF format, formats fb2 and ePub, MS Word and Excel to HTML page, WEB site pages to PDF or image format (.png)
  • ability to encrypt data, allowing to safely store various passwords, bank card data, software licenses, and any other confidential information
  • the use of wood tags to quickly find notes, documents, e-books, images. Tags can be stored in different files – by group (Programming example, cookery, Family photo …), You can share tags and organize them from multiple files
  • the presence of templates of five categories, It makes it easy to create new notes or documents, using different combinations of templates
  • storage of each note in the form of a Web page (a .html file), all the images embedded in a note
  • the ability to store personal database on any cloud data store ( Dropbox, microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Yandex.Disk …) with further access to their information from any mobile device
  • text editor and spreadsheet documents – creature, editing and viewing documents like MS Word and MS Excel (have installed MS Office on your computer is not required)
  • autocomplete any documents (writing, agreement, power of attorney, information …) MS Word or MS Excel formats on the basis of business cards, cards entrepreneurs, cards persons …
  • autosubstitution different variants of writing dates, conversion numbers (amounts) a string representation of the type of MS Word documents and MS Excel
  • calendar planner – creature, editing and viewing calendar events (scheduler). Full planning their affairs. Reminder about upcoming events. Doing several different calendars at the same time (private, working, international holidays …)
  • diagram editor – creature, editing and viewing diagrams of different types and styles. Creating graphs links, Cards intelligence, cards thoughts or associative cards. Quickly connect different pieces to the editor of charts
  • viewing and editing code in ACEeditor editor with syntax highlighting for more than 100 programming languages ​​and various themes of registration, when you edit the HTML code of the page you can view the final result in real-time
  • ToDo List (new with ver.5.1) – do list and task manager. Planning training c addition of the studied information, sports with the fixation of the results achieved, drawing up long-term plans, statement of problems with any number of repetitions required period, the percentage of completed cases (of tasks).
  • CardFile (new with ver.5.2.0) – file, Personal Information Manager. Opportunity to establish and maintain any lists, catalogs, collection (contact lists, organizations, employees… collection of books, movies, music… catalog of gadgets, equipment …), if necessary, arrange quantitative and cash accounting. Customizable appearance.

Supported document formats:

  • All produced notes stored in the format – HTML
  • When you save data encryption uses its own format – EHWH (Encryption is available in the registered version)
  • When creating notes possible combination of the following formats editors:
  • HTML, Plain Text, MarkDown, DOC, RTF, MHTML, Office Open XML format (.docx), OpenDocument format (.odt), EPUB, PDF (export only), XLSX, MS Office Open XML (.xlsx), XLSM, XLS Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (.xls), XLTX , XLTM, XLT, CSV
  • All of the above formats (as well as being FB2 formats, DJVu, popular image formats) available for viewing (when stored as separate documents) internal program means, in the registered version, all these formats are available for editing the internal editor (except PDF and DJVu, edit FB2 available by converting to EPUB).
  • Additionally – use SumatraPDF adds support for formats of the following documents (reading and printing):
  • PDF (.pdf), EPUB (.epub), MOBI (.mobi), FictionBook (.fb2, .fb2z, .zfb2), .pdb (Palm DOC format), .tcr, comic book files: .cbz, .cbr, .cbt, .cb7z, DjVu (.djv, .djvu), Microsoft Compiled HTML Html (.chm), XPS (.xps)
  • calendar, documents and scheduling – .ics
  • documents charts – .dxml, .xml

Program for conversion of document formats:

  • FB2 conversion to EPUB
  • EPUB conversion to HTML or PDF
  • convert RTF text format documents, ODT, MS Office в HTML или PDF
  • conversions table MS Excel type documents in HTML or PDF
  • Convert HTML pages and pages WEB site in PDF format
  • conversion pages WEB sites in the image (.png)

Key features:

– use different editors to create notes:

  • RichText
  • SpreadSheet
  • MarkDown
  • Code
  • PlainText
  • Web
  • Html

– Support most popular document formats

– connection of third-party editors

– Connection scripts and CSS styles to any editor

– storing data in the form of catalogs (directory)

– quick creation of visual and moving directories

– rapid creation of notes using different combinations editors

– fast moving visual editors within one notes

– all the notes are stored as Html files, one file – one note

– storage combinations used by editors with all the editable data in them

– a built-in web browser to display the results

– ScreenShot ability to make the entire screen or a given region

– add the base of various documents, e-books and images


– encryption with optional individual password for different notes allows you to exchange confidential information

– copying information from Web sites in your notes, in the case of prohibition of copying, you can use built-in tool ScreenShot – to create snapshots of all or a selected area of ​​the screen

– setting marks for protection against the removal of documents and catalogs (directory), `symbol at the end of a filename or directory prohibits their removal from the program

– Use additional editor (SimpleEditor) to quickly view and edit the raw data used for any editor or WebBrowser

– Data highlighting for several programming languages ​​the editor CodeEditor

– easy creation of a tree structure as a directory database, renaming and moving

– Sort and search by name or creation date of the document, full-text search in the content of the selected notes

– simultaneous output of all documents for a particular directory and all its subdirectories or all of the documents in the database

– access to all types of files in the database, and if it is a file of any programming language – the ability to edit code in ACEeditor editor with syntax highlighting for more than 100 programming languages ​​and various themes of registration

– Mobile applications – the program does not require installation, It can run from a flash drive

Demonstration of work on YouTube:

That same video in Pictures – [ HomeWiki ]

Areas of use:

Pupils and students

storage of the acquired knowledge
quick access to any reference – formula, tables, graphics …
preparation for lessons and lectures
the creation of various papers and booklets


creating a plan upcoming lessons and lectures
structuring of data on pupils
Subject database


development and maintenance of their recipes, Quickly add recipes from the Internet
various kinds of needlework

Technical writers

Use MarkDown markup language for easy writing articles

convenient storage of their works

quick search and access to stored items


create your programmer guide to quickly and easily

use to store their developments with code samples

organize storage of various articles, and programming examples

Web Programmers

create html pages in different editors

edit source

connect new editors

Keep samples and standards


store regulating documents for all posts in the company

organize access to the instructions, standards, procedures, algorithms, Description of business processes, document templates and reports

Keep up to date reference documents about the company, more info, development history, long-term goals, current tasks

for information place a calendar with the days of the birth of employees

Lawyers and attorneys

Organize your paperwork using HomeWiki

Use tags to quickly find current or most important events (documents)

Use templates and auto-complete to quickly create documents of any complexity