version History

see. 5.2.0 (18.12.2017)

  • Added file – CardFile. Starting with this version HomeWiki – full Personal Information Manager. Opportunity to establish and maintain any lists, catalogs, collection (contact lists, organizations, employees… collection of books, movies, music… catalog of gadgets, equipment …), if necessary, arrange quantitative and cash accounting. Customizable appearance.
  • Using data from the filing documents to autofill.

Demo video to create a list of contacts –

Demo video to create movies directory –

see. 5.1.2 (30.11.2017)

  • Added the ability to connect to the editor (e.g. notepad ++) to view and edit files of different types:

  • The procedure for viewing in external programs (Associated file types), Alternatively, built-in editor, and. The following illustrates the use of alternative and ACEeditor editor (in this case, notepad ++) to view the code in C #:

see. 5.1.1 (28.11.2017)

  • The ToDo List using delimiter “/” in repetitions (1/1 …) starting date and duration are calculated based on the data entered in the calendar of the recurrence of the problem, using other separators (“\”, “-“, “_”, “|”, “:”) these dates require manual entry
  • Added customizable start-up screen, All settings in the file …\This splash.ini
  • Corrected – correct drawing SumatraPDF control when the form is resized
  • The unregistered version is reduced by several times perseverance opening page web site with the recommendation to register the program. Now when you open the application, the page does not open automatically. But when dealing with the application will occasionally remind myself.

see. 5.1 (27.11.2017)

  • Have added ToDo List – do list and task manager. Plan your training, playing sports with the fixation of the results achieved, Enter your personal affairs, Insert the problem with any repetition (eg 1/1 – one repeat every day or 2/7 – two repetitions per week…), Analyze the percentage of completed cases (of tasks). Attach to the problem of links to Web resources, reference and other necessary information. You can maintain any quantitative (eg, the number of kilometers traveled) or cash account (eg, capture all the wedding expenses). Keep to-do lists in separate files (grouped by types of cases or projects). Use to view a list of several cases (all) files at once.

see. 5.0.1 (17.11.2017)

  • ACEeditor – added ability to individually install the backlight editor and code for different types of (extensions) files:

see. 5.0 (15.11.2017)

  • The algorithm of the program. have added control (cleaning) resources (system memory) occupied by the program. Now all editors (controls) open, if necessary, can be closed individually or all at once:
  • Added cache cleaning capabilities and cookies IE (Internet Explorer) with the possibility of purification of passwords (it is desirable to use this feature when working with the program on a flash drive on a public computer):
  • Added calendar planner – creature, editing and viewing calendar events (scheduler). Full planning their affairs. Reminder about upcoming events. Doing several different calendars at the same time (private, working, international holidays …).
  • Added diagram editor – creature, editing and viewing diagrams of different types and styles. Creating graphs links, Cards intelligence, cards thoughts or associative cards. Quickly connect different pieces to the editor of charts.

see. 4.0.3 (02.11.2017)

  • In WebBrowser added converting button (screenshot) the current Web page into an image
  • In WebBrowser added button – “What's New?” (version history)

see. 4.0.2 (26.10.2017)

  • Updated built-in WebBrowser
  • The algorithm works with bookmarks
  • All web-links in notes now defaults to opening in the embedded WebBrowser, while pressing Ctrl – external WebBrowser, while holding down the Alt key – the default action (open or in notes or in a new window)
  • All the web-links to open WEB default page opens in the embedded WebBrowser, Ctrl-opened in the outer WebBrowser, while holding down the Alt key – the default action (open or in the built-in WebBrowser or in a new window)

see. 4.0.1 (18.10.2017)

  • Added the ability to auto-complete for text (MS Word …) and tabular (MS Excel …) documents.

    Roller for autocomplete documents:

  • Added some demo cards (Company, IP and person) for the election of them as sources for auto-document:

  • Added the ability to convert numbers to a string (547300,00 => five hundred forty-seven thousand three hundred rubles 00 kopecks)

see. 4.0 (06.10.2017)

  • Added the ability to embed images into the body of any web page using the button – there, where available. This allows a more accurate copy of the pages WEB sites – it is enough to copy the contents of the page and paste in the note editor – HTML, then press this button to embed images into the body of a note
  • Added ACEeditor editor with syntax highlighting for more than 100 programming languages ​​and various themes of registration. It allowed the simultaneous opening of several such editors (while keeping the ctrl key) or duplication of an open editor. When you edit it in HTML pages can instantly displays the result with the timing of input data:

  • Dobavlena the use of templates (It opens when you click – ). The templates are divided into several categories::
  • – Scripts, CSS – Use MathJax script from the templates in the example with formulas (pictured below)
  • – HTML Snippets – a variety of HTML templates
  • – Rich – templates for text documents (MS Word …)
  • – Spread – templates for spreadsheet documents (MS Excel …)
  • – Code – pieces of code templates(Snippets) for any programming language

using various combinations of templates you can quickly create the desired note or document

P.S. – in nezaregistrirovanooy version off the ability to save your template

  • To resolve the conflict with some antivirus software – changed the process of running the program and update to the new version

see. 3.0.3 (22.09.2017)

  • The algorithm of creating HTML notes
  • Added embed images in a note when using a spreadsheet editor – SpreadSheet

see. 3.0.2 (14.09.2017)

  • Added – When you rename a document corrected tags in all tagged files
  • Added new buttons – “Auto review in an external application”, “Ispolzovat RATES” and “Close all documents”

see. 3.0.1 (20.08.2017)

  • Added ability to store tag different categories in separate files
  • Now you can share tags and combine them with the existing

P.S. – Only available in the registered version

see. 3.0 (18.08.2017)

Added the ability to use tags:

  • Organization of tags in a tree with unlimited levels of investment
  • Sample documents in a single folder, folder and its subfolders, or in all available documents
  • The tree tag sample documents on the condition “AND”
  • If necessary,, when you change the focus in the tag tree – avtovyborka all documents, containing the selected tag
  • mass assignment(cancellation) Tag selected documents

see. 2.0.4 (15.07.2017)

  • Added document selection button for SumatraPDF in Settings – Documentation – document types

see. 2.0.3 (02.07.2017)

  • Added SumatraPDF for viewing and printing PDF documents, DjVu, FB2, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, CBR/CBZ

see. 2.0.2 (01.07.2017)

  • Added wait window for opening and converting documents

see. 2.0.1 (30.06.2017)

  • Added converting HTML pages, MS Word and Excel documents, WEB site pages in PDF format

see. 2.0 (25.06.2017)

  • Added support support for most popular file formats
  • Conversion in epub fb2
  • Epub conversion to HTML or PDF
  • Reading (Creating and Editing – in the registered version) all the EPUB file format, MS Word и MS Excel
  • View all available documents (files) in the database, or all the documents for a particular directory and all its subdirectories
  • Ability to view and edit data in external applications
  • Renaming documents directly in the table of documents

see. (09.06.2017)

  • Used a new algorithm when deleting files (directory) and renaming files

see. (09.06.2017)

  • Fixed a critical error, occurs while using auto filter lines and updating data

see. (06.06.2017)

  • Fixed bug: while maintaining the source document with multiple editors SpreadSheet – remained only one table

see. 1.0.3 (04.06.2017)

  • Improved application performance
  • Added search button in the catalog – “directory” and opening the Document Location button in the table – “Documentation”
  • Added automatic search string in the directory list
  • Updated all third-party components
  • In the "Settings" drop-down menu, you can select – show (or not) documents in HTML format and PDF (before that it was on the PDF tab), for the registered version – enable data encryption with the possibility of an individual password for each document (group documents)

see. 1.0.2 (24.03.2017)

  • Added Russian language
  • For RichText and SpreadSheet format documents added the ability to edit data in a full-fledged editor (with all available buttons and menus)

see. 1.0.1 (17.03.2017)

  • The first public version of the product