Frequently asked Questions

Below is an example of creating two culinary notes, with or without further editing.

When you create notes with further editing two files are created (using a spreadsheet file can be larger). one file – is an HTML page, second – keeps all used editors and editable data in them. When creating web pages of copies of the most successful is the use of Google's Chrome browser – it is when copying (ctrl+c) and further inserts (ctrl+v) such as HTML editor correctly conveys the structure of the web page. Pressing the button with the image of an orange puzzle (After inserting content into HTML editor on ctrl + v) It is going integration of all images in the body of the future HTML pages, If this is not done – All images are stored as a reference and to view the page in the future will need Internet.

Further, the example shows a file renaming process, although the desired name has been set before saving. button was pressed while renaming “*.*” to display all the files and allow editing button. If you rename an HTML page for notes with further editing – second (3,4 …) special page is renamed(-vayutsya) gun.

1-option – Purchase a license key and access to all features of the program

2-option – Made as shown in the screenshot below: