version History

see. 1.0.4 (05.03.2019)

  • Added ability to copy (insert) lines between the various tables (choice of action when you right-click)
  • Added duplicate rows in the operations and financial transactions
  • Correct display of the various editors of the cell in the tables properties
  • Form ~ Select ~ is now open only while pressing ctrl
  • Added are two types of editor comboRO and lookRO cells (lists and lookup combo, but read-only)
  • Fixed some translation errors

see. 1.0.3 (08.12.2018)

  • Added Loan Calculator
  • Added Exchange rates (online)

see. 1.0.2 (05.07.2018)

  • Added support for multiple languages. Now the application consists of two files - the application itself and the localization file - eeLocalization.xlsx, in which a number of locations made for a sample - ru-RU, in US, de-DE, is-GB, fr-FR, uk-UA, zh-CN, and JP-, be-BY (all localization translated using Google Translator). You can choose to add the desired location. If you do not need other languages ​​- just delete or rename the file eeLocalization.xlsx, the default application will take Russian language in primary.
  • content content can be split into several (to 10) individual tables.
  • Added ability to run different applications with the contents of the selected cell as an argument (e.g. column “IP address” type formula – ~C:\Program Files (x86)\Radmin Viewer 3Radmin.exe /connect:192.168.0.***:4899 /noinput – open RAdmin with substituting *** contains cells with a specific IP address.
  • Fixed some bugs found.

see. 1.0.1 (12.06.2018)

  • The first public version of the product