To download the current version, click below:

If you for any reason failed to install the program from the executable file – try version easyEnter in zip archive:

If you need a localization program easyEnter, download the language file from the link below. :

Place the downloaded file to run the program next to the. In file eeLocalization.xlsx to sample several locations made - ru-RU, in US, de-DE, is-GB, fr-FR, uk-UA, zh-CN, and JP-, be-BY (all localization translated using Google Translator). You can choose to add the desired location. If you do not need other languages ​​- just delete or rename the file eeLocalization.xlsx, the default application will take Russian language in primary.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7 (recommended Windows 10) with the latest updates
  • The screen resolution of 1600 x 900 (recommended 1920 x 1080 and higher), at a lower resolution screen work with the program may not be comfortable
  • installed memory – from 2 Gb (recommended 4 Gb and more)
  • CPU from 2 GHz
  • Free disk space – from 200 Mb

Buy a license

The acquisition cost of the program (its activation) Composed of shareset 17$ .

The program is licensed under the specified user activation.

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file program.
Doing almost any accounting.
Organization of the account without programming.

The maximum number of rows in tables limited 10 strings

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