file (ancient Greek. Map "Papyri list» + case "storage") – an ordered collection of data, usually on the cards of small format. It is a directory.

Each card is an information unit, and provides information about any stored objects, with a view to facilitate the search for the object according to certain features.

At the end XIX century, efficient methods and means of finding cards in the files were found – card with an edge perforation. With the help of punched holes along the edge, The encoded data stored on the card.

At the beginning XXI century (June 2018 of the year) more effective methods and means of filing were found – program easyEnter.

easyEnter – universal accounting program

easyEnter it:

  • universal accounting program
  • convenient account almost all, limited only by your imagination
  • setting accounting anything takes a few minutes, It does not require any programming knowledge and can be performed by the user in visual form
  • accounting objects may be e.g.:
  • contacts, contracting parties, employees, person (any personal information) …
  • various collections (books, articles, stamps, video, music, Gadgets, cars …)
  • money accounting, including the integration of several organizations at once with an unlimited number of accounts and funds, the conduct of settlements with clients and a detailed analysis of certain income / expenses (with the possibility of different variants of registration and record-keeping)
  • personnel accounting
  • time tracking based on a variety of payments to employees
  • various documents with the ability to auto-complete, incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • properties with a variety of attached documents and photos
  • program can be useful for the organization of accounting:
  • for private purposes
  • in organizations of various sizes
  • libraries, taking into account the purchases of books, their locations, issue book on hand readers
  • in various fitness centers, beauty salons, pools … , with the possibility of planning the calendar of visits and the choice of trainers, mentors, specialists …
  • in various private business – Stomotologiya, Evaluation companies, Insurance companies, garages, MOT station …
  • real estate agencies
  • in chop
  • comfortable customizable views
  • each accounting object can have plug types:
  • common properties – table of general properties, inherent in this category accounting (are set for each category)
  • Special features – properties table, It is available only from a particular object (any information, Attachment Files…)
  • operations – table with various quantitative and cash accounting for a particular object
  • monetary transactions – table, with cash accounting for a particular object
  • documentation – all documents for the selected object
  • Images – any images for the selected object
  • the calendar – to carry out any planning or fixing certain events for various dates
  • content – Table with any other configurable data inherent to the selected object (group of objects)
  • built-in editors office documents (MS Word format, MS Excel) and vector diagrams
  • built-in pdf viewer files
  • credit calculator
  • exchange rates (online)

How it works – simple example for creating accounting Counterparties.

Below shows the window with some plants for Contractors-Organization:

When you set up the account (filing) You can add (delete) any necessary property data, establish for them a variety of attributes – text color or background (separately for positive and negative values), alignment, data type …, may be used for computation of the formula.

Below shows the result of applying the settings to account for Accounts organization:

Each column in the table “Data” It corresponds to a row in a table and units “properties”. Edit the data in the table can be “Data”, and in Table “properties”, editing, if desired in a particular table can prohibit.

Customizable appearance of the program allows you to customize a (your screen resolution) convenient location data panels. In the above example, the independent type and data structure may be configured to Organizations, CP Person.

The following shows a slightly modified form for the accounting Accounts organization.