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If you for any reason failed to install the program from the executable file – Try HomeWiki version in zip archive:

On some computers, when converted to PDF can be issued a message: “not found msvcp140.dll” – to avoid this situation, you must install microsoft visual c ++ package 2015 redistributable x64/x86, you can download it via the link –

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7 (recommended Windows 10) with the latest updates
  • The screen resolution of 1600 x 900 (recommended 1920 x 1080 and higher), at a lower resolution screen work with the program may not be comfortable
  • IMPORTANT !!! – The presence of the browser Internet Explorer versions 11 or higher, otherwise it does not guarantee correct display of most modern websites and create notes
  • installed memory – from 2 Gb (recommended 4 Gb and more)
  • CPU from 2 GHz
  • Free disk space – from 200 Mb
  • To create the most accurate copies of Web pages, and add them to your notes, it is desirable to have a set of Google Chrome browser the latest version

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The acquisition cost of the program (its activation) compiledet 15$ .

The program is licensed under the specified user activation.

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functionality (ver.5.2.0 от 18 December 2017)
Version without registration
registered version
CardFile (from version 5.2.0) - file, Personal Information Manager. Opportunity to establish and maintain any lists, catalogs, collection (contact lists, organizations, staff ... collection of books, movies, music ... catalog of gadgets, equipment ...), if necessary, arrange quantitative and cash accounting. Customizable appearance.

Save button is not available
CardFile (from version 5.2.0) - Using data from the filing documents to autofill.
ToDo List (from version 5.1) - do list and task manager. Planning training c addition of the studied information, sports with the fixation of the results achieved, drawing up long-term plans, statement of problems with any number of repetitions required period, the percentage of completed cases (of tasks).

Save button is not available
Storage ideas, ideas, notes, favorite articles from the Internet, various help information
Programmer's Notepad (Students, the teacher, Housewives ...)
Cataloguer eBooks, documents, images, with the ability to view the built-in or associated applications
Converter HTML pages, ebooks fb2 and ePub, MS Word and Excel documents, WEB site pages to PDF or image format(png), formats fb2 and ePub, MS Word and Excel to HTML page
Storage of each note in the form of a Web page (a .html file), all the images embedded in a note
The ability to store personal database on any cloud data store ( Dropbox, microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Yandex.Disk ...) with further access to their information from any mobile device
Creating a screenshot of the screen or a part thereof, Web page screenshot
Using the built-ACEeditor or connection to the editor (any other editor) to view and edit the code for most programming languages
data encryption, allowing to safely store various passwords, bank card data, software licenses, and any other confidential information
Using the tag tree of any nesting level to quickly find notes, documents, e-books, images. group assignment (cancellation of assignment) Tag selected notes, documents or files

Maximum number of tags still 100

Number of tags used are not limited to
Keeping tags in different files - by group (Programming example, cookery, Family photo …), the ability to tag sharing and combining of multiple files
Create new notes or documents, using different combinations of templates (There are five kinds of patterns - Scripts/CSS, HTML Snippets, Rich template, SpreadTemplate, Code Snippets), with the ability to edit and add new templates
Full work with office documents. Creating and editing EPUB format documents, MS Word and MS Excel in the built-in editor (have installed MS Office on your computer is not required)

just browsing
Automatic filling of the content of any documents (writing, agreement, power of attorney, Help ...) MS Word or MS Excel formats on the basis of business cards, cards entrepreneurs, cards persons, card equipment (of property) …
Autosubstitution different spellings of the current date and the conversion of numbers to a string of text (MS Word …) and tabular (MS Excel …) documents
Creature, editing and viewing calendar events (scheduler). Full planning their affairs. Reminder about upcoming events. Doing several different calendars at the same time (private, working, international holidays ...).

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Creature, editing and viewing diagrams of different types and styles. Creating graphs links, Cards intelligence, cards thoughts or associative cards. Quickly connect different pieces to the editor of charts.

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Message - "Your version of the application is not registered"
is free