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Since ver. 5.2.0 (18.12.2017) in the functionality of the program file is added - CardFile. Starting with this version HomeWiki - full Personal Information Manager. Opportunity to establish and maintain any lists, catalogs, collection (contact lists, organizations, employees ... Collection of books, movies, music catalog of gadgets ..., Equipment ...), if necessary, arrange quantitative and cash accounting. Customizable appearance. Using data from the filing documents to autofill.

The following shows the external views CardFile in the conduct of employees and movies directory listing:

When creating a new filing initial screen looks as shown in the following figure:

By default, the screen is divided into four parts (location and appearance of which can be changed to your liking with the further preservation of appearance)

  • area search
  • Field data directly
  • FIELD properties
  • area memo

FIELD properties includes three tabs:

  • properties – common properties, depending on the settings in a template
  • properties 2 – Special features for specific data
  • Template – defines common properties for all data

When you create a new file cabinet must be configured in the template properties of future danyh.

There are several types of added properties. Number of properties is not limited to. The number of visible properties (columns) in the data table is equal to thirty. Visibility and order properties (columns) data set in column “View” tables “Template”.

In the example illustrated several options available types. there is a property “Age” , which is calculated from the date of overlooking 14, that given by the entry “age_14” in column “A type”.

When specifying the type “on one”, “nmb” or “until” – you can use “_” or “+”. Using “+” (“a + 2”) denotes summation over this column in the data table.

All created (mutable, deleted) properties in the template after upgrade adjusted to any existing data or created in the future.

types “nmb” and “until” used if appropriate quantitative or cash accounting data in Table.

The following figure shows the use CardFile as a list of employees. For each employee being quantitative and cash consideration of salary payments. And there are the result columns in a data table with the number and amount of payments.

Memo is a conventional MS Word document type and may contain any information (in case an employee's name and photo).

Again: bookmark “properties” It contains general information for all employees (It corresponds to the data from the template). AT “Properties of 2” You can add any information, relating to a particular employee. Such as additional contacts, attach any documents or photos, the promotion orders (recovery) and T. P.

You can customize the appearance of the data displayed by itself (under its screen resolution).

Changing the position of the panels is carried out by dragging them. Additional settings for each of the panel and maintaining the appearance of the shape is carried out “Customize the appearance of” (opened using a key cog – ).


The categories are always two entries are present:

  • “*.*” (marked in blue)
  • “…” (marked in pink)

When selecting the first record – It shows all the existing data, when you select the second – shows all data without established categories.

The program does not require a data binding to categories. When you delete any category of data, relevant to the category, remain in the category of the data is marked as “…”, when you move a category, all data is moved together with the category.

When you save the data created two files

  • with expansion in square brackets [ ] – it yourself data
  • With the expansion and braces { } – that is, information about the existing categories and all the settings related to the appearance

to change (installation of a new) category in the data area you must select the appropriate category (checkbox S (Select / Select) manually or by using the buttons ), select a category and press the button – “Set the current for the selected category” .

The number and categories nesting is unlimited.

Any category can be saved (use) as a template. Storing category as the template is made from panel “Template”.

To view all the data of the current directory and all of its attachments – press the button “Show all attachments” –

Any data from a card file can be used to auto-complete text documents – such as MS Word or spreadsheet documents – типа MS Excel.

button 1,2,3 – are used to select data from the filing as a Partner 1,2,3 Autocomplete documents.

If the document type indicated above, eg, recording the content to meet:

  • [_Pasport series nomer_]
  • [p1_Pasport series nomer_]
  • [p2_Pasport series nomer_]
  • [p3_Pasport series nomer_]

And in the files of a property “Passport number series” the first two entries are replaced with the data (values) Partner for this property 1 (The first button), the remaining two entries are the values ​​for the Partner 2 and Partner 3 respectively.

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