akaEasyMoney - software for personal finance

(and not only)

  • accounting any in monetary transactions home (personal) accounting, and in organizations (companies) various scales
  • dendritic (multilevel) a list of items of income and expenses
  • Ability to specify the contents of the operation based on the number, unit prices and discounts (mode limit or whatever it is called – mode Split)
  • optional an indication of the positions of the Cheka (You can specify only those, for which records are kept in the income and expense items)
  • accounting debts (settlements) and credits
  • Creation and maintenance projects
  • unlimited number of accounts
  • Using any currency in transactions
  • Additional fields to conduct a more detailed account
  • rapid the creation of new operations by copying or choose from pre-filled tables – Estimated payments, Periodic payments or credits
  • Analysis Cash operations income and expenses for the selected period with the construction of diagrams
  • Export tabulation, reports and the results of the analysis in the most popular formats (PDF, HTML, MHT, Excel, CSV, TXT)
  • Customizable appearance applications through the use of a large number of pre-Skins