Universal accounting program, allows to organize comfortable keeping almost everything and is limited only by your imagination. Initially, the program does not have any embedded data (properties). Customize Accounting anything takes a few minutes, It does not require any programming knowledge and can be performed by the user in visual form. Accounting object may be: contacts, contracting parties, incoming or outgoing mail, any collection (video, books, a photo, cars …), money accounting, personnel accounting, time tracking, various documents with the ability to auto-complete…
The program can be useful for both personal use and for organizations of various sizes.

  • Home Knowledge Base (the file tree storage)
  • Notebook Student, programmer, Housewives…
  • Ability cloud storage with further access from any mobile device (one note – one HTML file)
  • Notes with data encryption
  • Cataloger and file converters
  • All – To-do list
  • file – Personal Information Manager (PIM)
  • tags, templates, autofill documents…
  • Free software for personal finance (and not only)
  • Accounting for all financial operations both in the home (personal) accounting, and in Organizations (companies) various scales
  • Unlimited number of accounts, Trade, items of income / expenses
  • Get started quickly with the program without the need to fill the directories (such as invoices, contracting parties, currency list…)
  • Entering data on any mobile device through the Google app table with further import them into the program
  • Free program for calculating the DMA disc (medical Disc Mishin Alexander)
  • It allows you to determine the number of turns, and the approximate length of wire required for disc manufacturing
  • Possible to calculate in inches, inches or millimeters
  • If necessary, – the ability to save and print the results obtained
  • Available import data